Sunday, 14 July 2013

We Can Make A Difference

For far to long in this country we have been focused on political change and have lost sight of what's really important. Where is the debate on the Environment,Climate Change,Economy,Health and Social Equity. There is an every widening gap between those that have and those that have not.There are to many people falling through the cracks.

1 In our pursuit of wealth we have forgotten about our World and the Environment.There is no point in having wealthy mining company's that evade paying their fair share of tax and the profits go offshore. The minerals belong to all Australians and we should get more than just jobs to a well paid few but we need to leave a world in better shape than we found it. Climate Change is real and we should be reducing our carbon emissions.

2 Without a solid economy we cannot hope to provide infrastructure, services and much needed welfare. That is why we all need to pay our fair share of tax and the whole tax system needs to be overhauled. The Henry Tax Review needs to be considered by an independent panel of experts and make recommendations because Political Parties try and pick what suits them and we don't get the best outcomes for all.

3 If anyone has had the need for Health Services they are aware of the problems. We have some excellent and dedicated people and Doctors that work in the system but are overwhelmed by the lack of facilities and sheer volume of requirements. Mental Health has been talked about and supposedly funded but there doesn't seem to be much action to implement change.

4 There seems to be a widening gulf between the haves and have nots but the real answer is Education and making sure that every child has equal opportunity to make something of themselves.We must provide the right services and welfare for the Aged and Young but should be less generous for those who don't want to work.These are my ideas of social equity.

We can make a difference by all being less selfish and considering others and being concerned about those less fortunate in our community. In Australia we are the lucky country and we should not abuse those freedoms, but we all have responsibilities to ensure that we think of the generations to come and leave them a country that is better for us having taking care of our environment.

Keith Sutherland

Presenter on Bendigo IPTV