Tuesday, 7 March 2017


As a Real Estate Agent with over 40 years in the Industry I feel compelled to respond to the misinformation being pedalled by politicians, and parties close to the industry with vested interests. I have to declare up front I have taken advantage of Negative Gearing & Capital Gains tax and growing my retirement nest egg and have to say Real Estate has been very good to me. But do I think it's time for changes yes I do.

There has been some great articles from Rob Burgess The NewDaily http://bit.ly/2mE3RWV  who referred to Liberal backbencher John Alexander who is the only one from the Coalition side showing any real concern for the plight of first homebuyers. Also Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen has a good understanding of the problem.
Ross Gittins is the Sydney Morning Herald economics editor  http://bit.ly/2m0OQeh who stated in his article dated 8th of March suggesting "Politicians have worked hard to make houses so dear"

Now we have some REIV members critical of Andrews Govt "Vacant Residential Property Tax of 1% which in my opinion is one of the best proposals to come from any Govt in Australia to assist with housing and rental Affordability. For far to long politicians have talked about housing supply, well this proposal can only help. Also Andrews Govt is abolishing stamp duty up to $600,000- which assists first home buyers to the value of $15,535- and doubling the 1st home buyer grants to $20,000- in Regional Victoria. These are great initiatives coming from a Govt that understands the problems of housing in Victoria.

Australia needs leadership from the Federal Govt in the way of changes to Negative Gearing and possibly Capital Gains tax and I am to be convinced of those changes from 50% to 25%? Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison know it's the right thing to do as did Joh Hockey. They increase revenue as we have all heard about debt & deficit. It's time for the good of the country need put their opposition and ideology to one side and stop coming up with artificial use of occupations like we've heard of teachers & nurses etc, the truth is Surgeons & Anaesthetists are the top 2 occupations.  According to ATO data there are 1.26mil (approx10%) taxpayers who Negative Gear, and claimed approx $11 billion in tax deductions.
The Grattan Institute indicated in 2016 NG wind backs could deliver approx $5.3 bil a year. Peter Martin from the Age suggests that taxpayers who NG cost other taxpayers an average of $310-
It has been suggested that the average amount of tax saved by each of the 1.2 million NG was $2900- 

Time for those with vested interests to accept that change is necessary to make housing more affordable so if you have a positive suggestion then now is the time. The status quo is no longer acceptable and I love the idea of NG being available on new property which is a win win for first home buyers not having to compete against investors on existing housing and also great for the housing industry in creating jobs.
This is far to an important topic to be a political football, it's time to think of those locked out of the housing market.

Keith Sutherland

Licensed Real Estate Agent.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Australian and Bendigo Leaders

There has been much written and said on leadership qualities and it's all in the eye of the beholder and in what perspective we see people and their actions. From Australia's early origins there have been many amazing people and events which has shaped this nation.

             Naming people is fraught with danger as how can you assess actions and achievements when they lived in a different time line and you can only go from the written word and that is someone else's perspective but here I go-

* Commander Sir John Monash, as a civil engineer & military commander in 1st world war.
Paul Keating PM 1991-96, changed the country on many levels with
Edith Cowan, trailblazer, social campaigner, first woman to elected to an Australian Parliament.
* Sir Donald Bradman, acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time.
* Ian (Molly) Meldrum, is probably the most influential popular musical entrepreneur.

There are many other extremely notable Australians but in my opinion the above 5 were real leaders and were able to take people with them and had a vision of what they were trying to achieve. Many of you will disagree with the 5 I have chosen and that's fine but they had a major impact on people an outcomes not only in this country but right across the world and all have made an indelible mark.

                Australia has always been a country of innovators even going back before 1788 with the Aboriginal didgeridoo, in 1843 a grain stripper was invented, 1858 Australian rules football began, 1889 an electric drill, 1902 a notepad was started, 1906 the worlds first feature-length film The story of the Kelly Gang, 1912 had the war tank & self propelled Rotary Hoe, 1934 Coupe utility, 1939 Howard Florey rediscovery of penicillin, 1945 Hills Hoist rotary cloths line, 1958 Black box flight recorder, 1979 Bionic ear, 1988 Polymer banknote, 1992 Multi-focal contact lens & Spray on skin, 1992 Wi-Fi developed by CSIRO, 2006 Cervical Cancer Vaccine, 2011 Anti-Hacking Software Kernel.
All the above have been developed and invented by using leadership as such achievements cannot be done without the support of others.

                  We live in changing times with instant news via social media and 24/7 news services and unfortunately that sometimes does not always accurately describe the reality of the situation. We tend to make assessments on what's presented and on any given day we can make mistakes but we are judged on that performance.

                   During 2016 we saw the evidence of people wanting change with the shock results of Brexit, then Donald Trump being elected as President of United States of America.

                   The qualities of a good leader is a person that commands respect and can engender a vision that others will follow and they can articulate the reasons why we take a course of action. Sometimes people mistake Managers for Leaders but generally they have different roles such as Managers deal with tasks whilst Leaders empower others to engineer change.
The Australian public are some of the harshest critics when it comes to politics and sport and they expect honesty, courage and a sense of fairness which seems to be missing in this cut throat world of professionalism.

                 Love this quote - "Great minds discuss ideas,
                                                 Average minds discuss events,
                                                        Small minds discuss people".         #Roosevelt.

                        Finally I would like to finish with who I consider true leaders past and present who have made a valuable contribution to public life from the Bendigo area -

Sir John Quick, Lawyer, politician & author & a leading delegate to constitutional conventions of the 1890's & was a true founding father of Federation. He went on to be Postmaster-General 1909-1910.
* John Gunn 1924-26 & John Bannon 1982-92 went on to be Premiers of SA, for ALP
* John Brumby was Premier of Victoria 2007-2010 was not born in Bendigo but was a  teacher and     Federal MP for Bendigo.
* William Charles Vahland Architect left an important mark with over 80 notable buildings.

Over the past few decades many people have gone on to excel in their chosen sports being gold medalists, Australian Captains in Cricket & Netball, Brownlow Medalists and the Arts have put Bendigo on the map more recently with Gallery Director Karen Quinlan bringing Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe & many other exhibitions to the Bendigo Art Gallery. The Chinese Community has played a major role since the Gold Mining days with Russell & Anita Jack being the driving force behind the Golden Dragon Museum.
Music is strong with Singer Actress Colleen Hewitt being Queen of Pop 1972-73 & Kate DeAraugo being 2005 Australian Idol winner and Col Thompson has been the driving force of the hugely successful Bendigo Blues & Roots festival.
Straun Sutherland was born in Sydney but grew up in Bendigo and was a medical researcher who developed anti venoms for funnel-web spider & snakebites.

Local Businessman Don Erskine is one of the best thinkers and his opinion is often sought on major issues & was largely responsible for saving Bendigo during a disastrous drought.
He also handed over half his company to 120 staff and is a very generous philanthropist.
He has extensive business interests and has been & still is a Director on many Boards.

Ken Marchingo CEO Haven Home Safe is arguably one of the most influential & outspoken figures in Australia's social housing sector, as a 30 year veteran has dedicated his career to helping & housing the most vulnerable. He was chair of International Housing Partnerships in 2012-13.

Jacinta Allan, Member for Bendigo East, and Minister for Public Transport - Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources she has a huge workload and in her role under the Andrews Govt is rapidly changing the face of Victoria with some of the largest infrastructure projects in Australia. She is really making her mark on politics & potential future Premier.

                    In my opinion 3 major things have happened in Bendigo the first being the discovery of Gold in the 1850's, second the major influence of Bendigo Bank and Thirdly the development of Bendigo's new $630mil Hospital which will service a huge part of Regional Victoria.

                            " Leaders are made not born "

Keith Sutherland
The Pointy End Program presenter, Philanthropist, Speaker & Co Director.